Close to two billion people worldwide and 1 in 4 adults in the United States lack the literacy, language and life skills they need and demand.

Access to education can reduce cost in unemployment, poverty, poor health, and crime.

Increasing adults’ education creates a positive ripple effect for their children.

Over 80% of the world and 90% of the US population have a mobile phone.

How Cell-Ed works

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    Access content
    on the go

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    Achieve real learning
    gains in minutes

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    Available 24/7 with
    tailored coaching

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    Reach goals and gain certificates

Proven with outstanding results

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    Learners leaped 2 years - in four months - in their basic reading skills with Cell-Ed.
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    Completed the course as compared with 20-50% in traditional, classroom-based programs.
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    Access to courses at all hours of the day.
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    Works on all types of phones.

Available for busy adults during the daily in-between moments.