CELL-ED - Learning Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Phone

Join us in unlocking literacy and lifelong learning for the one billion adults lacking a basic education.

Learners using CELL-ED show a 2 year age equivalency
in their basic reading skills.

It builds CONFIDENCE to continue to learn

"I am now determined to learn...I feel the confidence to read the signs around me and to even stand up to read in front of my church group. All of these things seemed impossible, but now I know I can."

CELL-ED also fits the BUSY lives of adults

"What was attractive about CELL-ED was that it was all over a cell phone. I don't have a stable job and much less a stable schedule...I've always wanted to sign-up to go to school. I wanted to learn. I can with this program."

For those fighting this silent battle, it is a challenge navigating everyday life let alone pursuing one's dreams.

CELL-ED is a second chance and a new pathway to learning.

We are forging a new education paradigm;
one that enables the forgotten billion
to build literacy and lifelong learning skills.